BRITNEY - Miniland Anatomically Correct Baby Doll Caucasian Girl, 38 cm

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G'day Britney! 

Britney is one proud Aussie. Loves to throw a snag on the barbie as much as the next gal!

Britney is a trusted truck driver with a wicked sense of humor running rings around the boys and always delivering on time. One day soon she will have saved up enough to buy her first home.

When Britney isn't working her favourite pass time is strolling through op shops looking for epic, edgy fashion with her dog Fido. 


Miniland Educational doll collections are an important educational resource which help comprehend the concepts of family, population groups, the basic rules of relationships and coexistence, respect for racial and sexual diversity.

Made in Spain, these anatomically correct dolls are dressed in their underwear and vanilla scented to smell like a newly born baby. —The dolls have well-defined ethnic features to aid the identification of the most representative races. —The dolls can be articulated.  Made in Phytalates-free vinyl, they are soft and flexible to the touch.

The fact that the dolls have a gender allows children to make an important difference between them, strengthening knowledge of differential facts. They do not contain batteries or make any sound, so the dolls do what the child wants them to. This differentiates them from other dolls that subject the child to a specific play pattern. The variation in available models means that there is always a particular model for a specific need.

Furthermore, the dress collections foster manipulative skills and help toddlers become familiar with different types of zippers and buttons. Doll accessories feature a wide range of details and are of the highest quality.

The dolls are hermetically sealed for 0-3 play so can't be bathed.